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Tune-Up Your Heating System in WV and OH


As with your air conditioning in summer, heating is another important necessity during the cold, winter months. It is important to keep your heater and furnace in good working order. This can help avoid unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

It is also a good idea to be proactive for your family when it comes to monitoring carbon monoxide, which can be generated by your heating system. Standard monitors can wear out over time and may not pick up on dangerous levels.

Our preventative, all-system tune-up checklist includes the following:

  • Add refrigerant if required
    (refrigerant not included)
  • Check blower motor amp draw
  • Check carbon monoxide levels
  • Check condensate drain for blockage
  • Check flame sensor operation
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Check induced draft motor amp draws
  • Check motor capacitors
  • Check pilot flame safety
  • Check pilot operation
  • Check thermocouples
  • Clean and inspect burners
  • Clean condenser coil for heat pumps
  • Clean the blower cabinet, if required
  • Clean the flame sensor
  • Inspect the filters
  • Tighten electrical connections

Give us a call to schedule your heating or furnace tune-up to know you are ready for the upcoming heating season.